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ThermPerform, a Sydney based company specializing in Energy Efficiency and Building Sustainability assessments for the residential sector. Here at ThermPerform we pride ourselves in delivering accurate certified Basix and NatHERS assessments for submission to Council and Private Certifying Authorities for development applications .

Our focus is to provide a high level of customer service at all times, by providing a professional service through our expertise of building design and thermal performance to deliver energy efficient solutions. Not only do we strive to achieve compliance, but aim to provide developments that are cost effective and respectful of our environment.

Our technical knowledge of construction, building design and thermal performance are the key ingredients to successfully deliver a high level service.

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BASIX is a sustainable planning measure that is used to ensure that new homes meet the NSW Government's standards for water and energy consumption in homes across NSW.

Through the BASIX sustainable planning measure, the aim is to deliver equitable, effective water and greenhouse reductions across the state.

BASIX is part of the development application process in NSW, with all new proposed residential properties requiring a BASIX assessment and certified certificate by an accredited thermal assessor.

BASIX is implemented under the Environmental Planning and Assessment ACT. Since 2004, over 281 billion litres of drinking water and 8.8 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions are estimated to have been saved. Approximately equivalent to 112,573 Olympic swimming pools and 1.8 million cars off the road.


A star rating system (out of 10) that provides a rating of the energy efficiency of a proposed and existing dwelling based on the design and location of the home.

This rating system helps in determining the potential heating and cooling energy usage to potentially provide residents with a level of 'thermal comfort'.


Helping residents save on energy bills through thermal efficient designs.


NatHERS certification is part of the development application process nationwide.

Contact ThermPerform now for NatHERS certification of your proposed residential home.

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"Millard from Thermperform completed a Basix and NatHERS certificate for my knockdown rebuild project. He was very cooperative throughout the process and took the time to explain things and attend to all my concerns. The process was completed quickly and smoothly and the results were great. I look forward to working with millard from Thermperform again in the future."

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